We Moved

Dear Friends,

We would like to share a very exciting news!

EmbroideryMonkey moved to the world's largest and most secure shopping platform - Shopify. We've been working around the clock with a new team of developers and shopify team to make your shopping experience better and more secure. The website is going to look a little different but don't worry your order history and downloads will be ported to the new platform. 

Here are couple of things that stayed the same

1) Same owner
2) Same excellent customer support
3) Same Custom Order support team

Here are couple of things that changed

1) We terminated our working relationship with the old develpment team and hired new website developers 
2) We terminated our working relationship with security team responsible for credit card processing and website security. 
3) Now credit card and payment processing will be handled by Shopify - one of the most secure and world's largest platform. 

Why are we doing this transition now?

We love two things - our customers and making amazing designs. Unfortunatelly, technology is not our strongest point and we relied on several companies that promised us secure and user friendly website. 

Why we chose shopify to host embroiderymonkey?

Shopify is a hosted platform. This means that they handle all the wesbite security and hosting. 

As per Shopify policy, everyone needs to reset their password in order to "Activate" their exisitng account.

We'll be sending invites to mamy of our customers to reset their password. If you didn't recieve an invite, please email us to info@embroiderymonkey.com.

This is what activation email will look like. 
After you recieve this emial, please click on "Reset Password" button which will bring you to this screen.
After you enter your new password and clicked on "Activate account" You will be redirected to your Account section
After clicking blue "My Downloads" button you will be redirected to "Your Library" were you will see all your puchased designs.
Click "View" on the designs that you would like to downloads.
Click "Download" button to downloads your design.
If you didn't get an "Invite" email please emials us
and we re-send it to you.